One of Southern California's last great arcades needs your help!

by: Matt -
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I've written a few news posts about Super Arcade before, but this one is of utmost importance. Mike Watson, owner and manager of Super Arcade, is in dire straits, and needs the help of the fighting game community along with gamers at large, to help fund some much needed improvements to the twenty year old establishment to keep it relevant against some of the big-box arcades that have popped up recently.

Watson has taken to Kickstarter in an attempt to raise funds that will help improve the venue and make it a relevant location for gamers for years to come. Of the planned improvements, there will be a new stream station that is currently manned by IE Battlegrounds, new console set-ups that gamers can come in and play on. A new front desk and service counter, new floors, and hilariously enough, a new bathroom (if you've been there before you know that this is a huge deal). 

Details on what your donation will get you can be found on the Kickstarter page, along with more information about what is to be done with any funds raised. There's plenty of time left for the Kickstarter, but without donations, not a whole lot of time left for the arcade.

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