One month to StarCraft II and there's news on a patch coming

by: John -
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IGN spent some time in a pre-launch event for StarCraft II in Seoul, Korea to look at how the original game's been such a big hit over there as well as news on the upcoming sequel. They witnessed the unveiling of a 747 with a StarCraft II skin headed to New York as part of its maiden flight. In Korea, those playing World of Warcraft will be able to play a very cheap version of the game for an unlimited amount of time as long as they are subscribing to WoW.

For you 3D gamers who own NVIDIA's GeForce 3D Vision, Blizzard will be coming out with a patch in the first few months to allow for 3D on StarCraft II. Now, I've tried a few RTS games using the setup and it's rather tough since the cursor sits at an odd plane on most of them when the entire playing field becomes 3D so with Blizzard creating a patch, that might be good news and make the feature a lot more usable than most RTS games today.
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