Once Upon a Monster trailer shows that Double Fine magic

by: Jeremy -
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The first trailer for Double Fine’s Kinect-exclusive title using the Sesame Street license looks just as charming as I expected. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster is scheduled for release by the end of the year and will be distributed digitally by Warner Bros. Interactive.

In the game, players will accompany Elmo and the Cookie Monster on an adventure through a storybook that has come to life. Within each chapter of the story, the player and his Sesame Street pals will have to help the book’s inhabitants solve some sort of puzzle or problem. Each chapter contains a series of mini-games that use the motion control feature(s) of the Kinect peripheral. You can expect to see a lot of dancing games, obstacle courses, and follow the leader-style experiences included in the adventure.

Long story short, kids are going to love this...

Source: Joystiq

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