OnLive has preorder incentive for Arkham City

by: Sean Colleli -
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I'm just about pacing a trench into my floor waiting for Batman: Arkham City, but the release date is only a couple months off. Of course the preorder hooks are starting to dangle and OnLive is the first to cast their line. If you put your order in before September 14th you can choose either a free game or a free OnLive system.

Sounds like a good deal for those getting into the OnLive thing but I'm still skeptical of the concept. It's seemed fishy ever since Infinium Labs was promising something similar with the Phantom (snicker), and remember way back in 2000, when Sega was promising a free Dreamcast if you'd sign up for their online subscription? Giving away a console just to get more subscribers isn't a good sign.
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