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OnLive goes live June 17th

by: John -
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Chuck was pretty surprised, me not so much since they were doing beta testing but OnLive will indeed be launching on June 17th. If that day sounds familiar, it's the last day of E3 2010 which a bunch of us will be out there for.

OnLive is going to cost $15 a month and give you unlimited access to games streaming to you and give you access to some games but there will be others where you have to pay a separate fee. You're going to be able to access current titles as well as past ones so don't think of the service as just for out of date games. They are expecting 12 to 25 titles at launch time, which doesn't seem that much but it'll depend on what games they have in tow.

The technology seems pretty interesting in that it's almost like a remote desktop type experience where just the video of the result is sent to you. All the action takes place on a server so you don't have to upgrade anything when new games come out that require stronger hardware. Of course, the experience is all dependent on your Internet connection but if it works and works well, you might see a brand new shift in how games are distributed and played.