OnLive celebrates CES with a console sale

by: Nathan -
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It's the CES season. A time when we, as consumers, take a look at all the new shiny toys we're going to be saving up for in the next year. It's also a time when buyers remorse can hit harder than buying a new apple product the day before one of their events. To make their "old tech" more attractive and stave off a bit of the remorse, OnLive will be selling the micro-consoles for the low price of $66. The deal includes a free game and access to the playback beta which gives users access to all back catalog and indie games for one low price (free while in beta). If you thought the price was too much back when it was launched you have until January 9th to decide if it's worth the 66. For those of you who already made up your mind, here's the link to place your order.
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