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If you’re not fully prepared and armed with previously researched information during your holiday shopping spree this month, Retrevo seeks to aid you in your endeavor.

So if you’re stuck in a store with just your wallet and cellphone in your pocket eyeing a particular gadget, all you will need is the product make and model number. Send a text or tweet to RetrevoQ and they’ll send you back information on pricing and reviews of the product.
New Mobile Shopping Product: "RetrevoQ" Gadget Shopping Advisor Via Twitter & SMS

Experts at the consumer electronics shopping site, Retrevo.com, are announcing a new mobile shopping advisor service that works from your cell phone. RetrevoQ (as in question) is an automated service designed to give in-store holiday gadget shoppers up-to-the minute shopping advice about the gadgets they see in the store.

See a gadget that you want, but you re not sure if it s worth the price? Just ask RetrevoQ. Send the product make and model number to RetrevoQ and instantly receive that product's

- Real-Time Recommendation Whether or not it s a good product to buy
- Fair Price The reasonable price one should pay for the product based on its feature set
- Online Price Range The price range available on the Internet for the product
- Link to Retrevo's Real Time Review of that product
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