Old-school FPS Wrack is now available on Steam early access

by: Nathan -
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It seems like all FPS games that are released these days all follow the same format. Either they are heavily story based, or are open world adventures. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as those games can be amazing, but it seems that something has been missing. I have been longing for some more FPS games that bring me back to the 90's where the objective was pretty much kill anything that moves. So I was thrilled when I watched the trailer for Wrack which is in beta and currently available on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

Wracked is an old school FPS filled large, open, action-packed levels that play homage to Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. You'll blast your way through levels with hoards of monsters, bosses, traps and you can even create your own maps with the in game WrackED editor. The game also features music by Bobby Prince, who did the music on the original Doom game as well.

Wrack also has a story to go along with all the run and gun action as well.

In the year 2037, scientists at Osteron Research develop the Hyperion generator—a device that allows the creation of matter out of pure energy. Through its conversion of energy into food, clean water, and materials, Hyperion ends all wars and conflicts on Earth—but this peace is short lived. Just thirteen years later, aliens from the Arcturus star system discover the Hyperion Generator—thanks to reconnaissance ships. With Hyperion in their sights as a way to defeat an enemy race, the Arcturans prepare to do what they do best: eradicate all life on Earth and use the Hyperion technology for themselves!

In Wrack, players take on the role of Kain Sager—a street-smart warrior who stood alone while world peace made soldiers obsolete. After spending years preparing for this eventuality, Kain now must take matters into his own hands to rid Earth of the Arcturan threat.

For more information on Wrack, be sure to check out their official forums.