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Capcom released four trailers today to show off some of the characters that Chibiterasu will encounter in Okamiden. Each one offers up help to Chibiterasu during the game and is part of the story. The four are Issun (A small fairy and traveling painter), Susani and Kushi (Married couple who were involved with the whole Orichi thing) and Sakuya (spirit of a sacred tree that gives advice to Chibiterasu.) Okamiden is currently scheduled to release on March 15, 2011 for the DS.

Chibiterasu, a young sun god in the form of a wolf pup, isn’t alone in Okamiden, which releases March 15, 2011 for the DS. In the quest to fight off a new threat that has leeched the world of its vibrant color, Chibi relies on other young partners and meets a colorful cast of characters, some whom are familiar to those who played the award-winning game Okami.

He is a small fairy that has crossed the country as a traveling painter. Through an unexpected meeting with Amaterasu, he became his partner and helped save Nippon from the threat of Orochi. The two went their separate ways and Issun continues to travel the country as a Celestial Envoy so that he can spread the word of the gods. He was the first to notice the forthcoming catastrophe and is now set on discovering the truth behind it with Chibiterasu.

Descendant of the legendary hero Nagi, Susano is the true hero who defeated Orichi during the events 9 months earlier. Soon afterwards, he marries Kushi and the two were blessed with a son, Kuni. A doting father, he cannot help but worry about Kuni.

Though almost sacrificed to Orochi’s in the catastrophe nine months earlier, she is rescued thanks to the efforts of Ameterasu and Susano. Kushi agrees to marry Susano and the two were blessed with a son, Kuni. Though she can get a bit fed up with Susano’s doting, the three live happily together.

The spirit of the sacred tree, Konohana, and watches over Kamiki Village. She gives advice to Chibiterasu in an effort to save Nippon from the evil that has attacked the land once more.
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