Okami sequel coming to DS

by: Sean Colleli -
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I never thought it would happen but lo and behold, Okami is getting a sequel. WiiNintendo.net has a couple of scans from the Famitsu issue that announced the game. Slated for a 2010 Japan release on the DS, Okamiden picks up a few months after sun goddess Amaterasu restored peace and balance to Nippon and returned to the astral plane. Her "replacement" is Chibiterasu, a god in the form of a wolf puppy. The new game will focus on Chibi's relationship with several partners that will also be integral to gameplay. Meanwhile the DS's touch screen will be an even better interface for the celestial brush mechanic.

Okami was one of the best games of last generation when it released on the PS2, and it's one of the few truly great hardcore games on the Wii, even as a port. It still gets far too little recognition (every Wii owner should have it, but sales were disappointing), and with the shuttering of developer Clover Studios so soon after its original launch, it's amazing Okami is getting a sequel at all. I really hope this one comes to America, we rarely get to see gaming and art intersect so elegantly as it does in Okami.
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