Offscreen Mega Man Online Gameplay

by: Jeremy -
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Korea’s biggest video game conference, known as G-Star, is currently underway and one of the titles being shown in great depth at the show is Capcom / Neowiz’s Mega Man Online. Someone in attendance at the show has recorded a video of a gamer playing through one of the levels of the game, which you can find below.

The game looks to play a lot like the classic Mega Man games that we all know and love, but we know that there is going to be an added depth with the customization and online features Capcom is promising. I am really likeing the new graphical style used in the game, even if you cannot see it in great clarity in this video; 2.5D graphics always make me smile.

I t also looks like Mega Man, or your robot in general, will have access to a wide variety of moves in addition to the standard arm cannon. The player in this video pulls off a wide assortment of special attacks against a wide variety of enemies throughout this single stage. Of course, no Mega Man level would be capped off without a big boss battle at the end, and this one brings back an old nemesis for the player to fend off...

I cannot wait to see more of this game, but in the mean time, check out a brief sample below courtesy of Siliconera.

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