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The official trailer for Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is out and we are treated to some commentary from Jim and Bob. The video also shows off some of the new venues and the 11 new races that will be fighting it out. Oh yeah, and there are cheerleaders…lots of cheerleaders.


Today, Jim and Bob, the famous commentators of Blood Bowl, present Blood Bowl Legendary Edition through the official trailer, less than a month away from the game’s release on PC.

This video is a unique opportunity to discover the numerous novelties featured in this Legendary Edition, after a previous version that has already attracted over 600.000 gamers worldwide in 2009.

Those considering the Legendary Edition as a simple extension of the game released in 2009 will certainly be surprised, as Blood Bowl Legendary Edition offers an incredible content with all the races from the original Games Workshop tabletop game, that are finally playable. Indeed, 11 new playable races with a unique style are joining the 9 existing ones, bringing a wide variety and a huge interest in this new Blood Bowl game. Players will also enjoy discovering the stunning new stadiums for a total of 9 gorgeous Blood Bowl arenas. New champions are also emerging as well as battalions of cheerleaders in fury, new game modes, a new campaign and many novelties and improvements making Blood Bowl Legendary Edition, the ultimate version that all the Blood Bowl fans dreamt of!

About Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

A brutal team sport unfolding in a fantasy world based on Warhammer and American football, Blood Bowl is an incredible, brutal game in which no holds are barred as you lead your team to the Blood Bowl final! Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is the ultimate Blood Bowl edition! 11 new playable races join the 9 races already available in the 2009 edition: Undead, Amazon, Ogres and 9 other races enter Blood Bowl's tournaments. All 20 races have their personal style, tactics and unique skills which give each game a diversity rarely seen in a strategy game. New and more impressive stadiums welcome all these new teams: from the snowy Norse stadium to the creepy interior of a crypt, a change of scenery is guaranteed!

A new Story mode is also introduced, in which players will play as a freelance coach. They will have to lead several famous teams and take up many challenges through a story revealing the origins of Blood Bowl, the Old World and its many races that relentlessly compete with each other in merciless games. A newly scripted tutorial will teach all new comers everything they need to know about coaching a Blood Bowl team! In order to stay as close as possible to the official rules, many additions and updates have been made to better match the latest Blood Bowl Rulebook, used in all official board game official tournaments.

Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition will be released end of October (retail and digital download).
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