Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 now available for pre-order

by: John -
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The Crystal Cove edition of the Oculus Rift I saw at CES was pretty amazing. I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. Well, the wait just got a bit shorter.

Oculus is now letting folks order Development Kit 2 of the Rift for $350. What you'll get from the original is higher resolution screen, a low persistence screen, motion tracking with a camera, and better comfort. Now, this isn't the consumer version, but it is still pretty awesome. 

As soon as I saw this, I went and placed my order in. I'm going to pair this up with an Omni and a STEM System so you can see I'm taking a big plunge into VR. 

No word on when it will be available, but let's hope it doesn't take that long to get it into developer hands.

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