OUYA gets shipped to backers on March 28th and they hire someone who's hits were on Sony

by: John -
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As a backer for OUYA, I get the updates like everyone else. The one today finally has word on the shipping date as well as a surprise. First off, March 28th is the magical date that the console ships to Kickstarter backers. Developers have had it for a few months already, but the final version will be in backer's hands after the 28th.

Games are important so OUYA's hired someone to help reach those indie developers and try to bring more of them into the fray. Kellee Santiago has been lured away from thatgamecompany and is now on board with OUYA. thatgamecompany has brought some hits to the Sony PlayStation 3 such as flOw, Flower, and the recent released Journey.

So, it won't be too long now to see if OUYA's going to hit it big. I don't expect it to be console from one of the major three big, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's popular in the indie scene. With Kellee and a slew of games coming out along with it being unlocked, it has a good chance to be a great success.

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