OUYA funding done, nets a huge Kickstarter amount

by: John -
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It didn't break the record for amount (That goes to the Pebble.) or the most percentage, but it topped the Games division in Kickstarter. OUYA has finished its Kickstarter campaign with just shy of $8.6 million. That's a whopping 904% of what they were asking for.

To compare, Double Fine's much publicized venture into video game funding using Kickstarter netted 834% of what they were asking for.

So where does OUYA go now? Well, they have to get the product out to market now, of course. Developers who opted for the $699 tier and up are expected to get one in December, while the rest of the folks should get it in March. Now, that's barring any delays and I expect there to be some, just because that's how things seem to go these days.

But, it's good to see a company take an interesting idea and earn a great deal of support for it. OUYA's been getting support from various third parties recently so it's got a good chance to be successful. And remember, successful doesn't mean it's going to be a dominant player in the market. To me, successful for the OUYA means this company was able to take an idea and bring it to fruition using the crowd source approach. If they take the OUYA and continue to grow in terms of user base and support from third parties, all the better.
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