O-Games brings billiards to the DS with 8BallAllstars

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While I haven't exactly noticed the absence, the DS doesn't exactly have a lot of pool games. That will change with 8BallAllstars from O-Games. The game features "real pool physics," a selection of different table and game types, and both US and UK rule sets. It will also feature multiplayer chat for wireless play. Ever since the surprisingly robust billiards game in the medicore Wii Play bundle, I've wanted more pool games on Wii, but playing one on the DS with a stylus will prove interesting.
O-Games Announces 8BallAllstars Coming to Nintendo DS and DSi in May!

Chalk Up Your Cue and Rack ‘em Up with Tons of Gameplay Variations

Twain Harte, Calif. – March 30, 2010 - O-Games, Inc., a publisher of family, social and sports videogames and part of OG International Ltd., announced today that 8BallAllstars is coming exclusively to Nintendo DS™ and DSi handheld device on May 11, 2010. With eight rule sets, seven table types and real pool physics, 8BallAllstars brings you and your friends the best pool game on the Nintendo DS and DSi!

8BallAllstars is a game of concentration and accuracy as you play to unlock new levels, tables, and environments. Challenge your friends to a head-to-head or doubles match, play on authentic tables, kick it up a notch in challenge mode, track your record statistics and enjoy wireless play in this unique multiplayer pool game!

8BallAllstars Game Features:

* Seven game types, including 3, 6, 8, 9 and 10 ball, straight pool and rotation
* UK & American rule sets
* 12 A.l. opponents, each with multiple levels of playing ability
* Unlock different shaped authentic tables and unique environments!
* Get creative when you customize and sketch your avatar and table signature
* 15 contemporary environments
* Send messages to your opponents during play with DS Wireless Communication and Multiplayer Chat
* Realistic table physics give you the best, most authentic pool game on DS and DSi!

Rated “E” for Everyone by the ESRB, 8BallAllstars is a family friendly video game that will test your accuracy and challenge your abilities as you unlock new and more difficult levels and tables. For more information about O-Games and 8BallAllstars please visit 8BallAllstars.
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