Nyko pics up

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nyko got around to posting images and product pages for several of the items that had on display at Gamescom.

The Charge Base IC lets you juice up your Wii remotes through induction, so you can charge them even with Wii Motion Plus attached, or while snugged into those stupid looking silicone sleeves though I'm not sure why anyone would put their remotes in those things.

The Type Pad makes surfing the Wii Opera browser easier, which is a relief after all that virtual screen tapping.

The Zoom Case protects your DSi from scuffs while a detachable lens adds 8x magnification to the DSi's crappy little camera, another example of Nyko doing their best to make Nintendo's lazy efforts better.

Sony fans like our own Jake Wolfe can get the Charge Grip Flex for their PSP, which boosts the portable's battery life and ergonomics.

It's nice to finally see some images of these gadgets, although the Type Pad is the only once with definite pricing. I guess I'll have to wait a while to pick up the Charge Base IC.

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