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The 3DS is an impressive piece of technology...with an abysmal battery life. Seriously, what was Nintendo thinking? Much of their portables' continued success is owed to the legendary battery life of the Game Boy and DS lines.

Ah well, we can't change the past. But Nyko, always ready to improve upon Nintendo's status quo, is offering three more battery life solutions for the 3DS, in addition to the Charge Base Plus and Power Pack Plus they released almost day and date with the portable.

First up is the Game Boost, a battery that snaps discreetly onto the 3DS's charge contacts and gives you two extra hours of play. If you want something a little meatier you can get the Power Grip, a stouter version of the Power Pack Plus that puts some ergonomic grips on the 3DS and also triples the native battery life. This peripheral gets added coolness points for inadvertently being named after an obscure Metroid power-up.

If you want to go all out, however, Nyko has the Shock n' Rock, a shell for the 3DS that gives you the aforementioned 3x battery life but also adds four powered speakers for surround sound and rumble feedback. This juggernaut begins to stretch the definition of portable but damn does it look fierce.

Nyko also has a new zoom lens for Kinect and a new version of the Charge Base for PS3. I think it's safe to say Nyko is having a good E3.

Nyko Announces New Product Lineup for E3 2011; Kinect Now Apartment-Friendly!
Nyko debuts peripherals for 3DS, Kinect and PS3 at global gaming convention

LOS ANGELES – June 6, 2011 – Leading gaming peripherals manufacturer Nyko Technologies® today announced their upcoming product line-up to be showcased at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), taking place June 7-9 in Los Angeles. The line-up includes Zoom for Kinect, a bold new peripheral that allows Microsoft’s motion-sensing camera to function in smaller environments. Nyko is also introducing a variety of innovative new accessories for the Nintendo 3DS, including new products for charging up, rocking out, and even waking up! Also new this year is a revamped controller dock for PlayStation 3. With a focus on offering real gaming solutions, Nyko continues their tradition of innovation and affordable, high quality design.

“Nyko has been showing off new products at E3 for a dozen years straight, and we can’t wait for players to see the 2011 lineup,” said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies. “With 3D and gesture-gaming, this year is all about finding new ways to enjoy video games. We’ve developed new accessories that bring the fun of gaming to even more players, regardless of long plane trips and cramped living rooms.”

Nyko’s E3 2011 product line-up includes:

• Zoom for Kinect – Specially-designed lenses in a simple clip-on accessory allows Kinect gaming in smaller living rooms and apartments by reducing the distance required for the Kinect to function properly by up to 40%. The Zoom requires no additional power or batteries and is compatible with any Kinect game for both single and multiplayer use.
• Shock n’ Rock for 3DS – The ultimate 3DS add-on offers 3x the battery life and 4 powered speakers providing crisp, loud surround sound for any environment. Added vibration feedback gives each and every 3DS game an extra level of immersion while the ergonomic design provides comfort for extended gameplay sessions.
• Game Boost for 3DS – A snap-on backup battery that is lightweight and can be installed quickly, it provides up to an extra 1 – 2 hours worth of juice through the existing battery contacts.
• Play Clock for 3DS – Wake up with your 3DS fully charged every morning with this combination charging dock, alarm clock and powered speaker system. Ideal for storing and charging your 3DS. The built in line-in port allows you to easily hook up any MP3 player or audio device.
• Power Grip for 3DS – This external battery with ergonomic grip offers up to 3x the battery life. The Power Grip does not require players to remove the existing battery while also providing a ergonomic grip for added comfort and stability.
• Charge Base 3 for PS3 – Rapidly charge two PlayStation 3 controllers with this stylish new vertical design of a best-selling item. Nyko’s unique, magnetic charging adaptors allow for easy charging, with no ports or cables required.

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