Nyko Gamescom recap

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nyko showed off some pretty cool gadgets last week at Gamescom, and I'm eager to see screenshots of these new beauties. For the Wii they had a the Type Pad Pro, new colors for their Wand remote and the Charge Base IC induction charger. Nyko's original charge base is already essential hardware for any Wii owner so I'm anxious to get more details on the new one.

Of lesser note was their DSi Zoom Case, PSP Charge Grip Flex, and Speaker Com 360. I can infer what each of these does but again, I wasn't at the show to go hands-on so hopefully more info and images are forthcoming. I've always found Nyko's stuff to be solid and on some occasions far superior to first party hardware, so I'm looking forward to whatever they have planned next.
Gameisndustrybiz has the full release.
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