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Now you can make your own Super Meat Boy levels...

by: Jeremy -
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Team Meat has finally announced the release of the long awaited Super Meat Boy level editor on Valve’s Steam service. The addition of the editor is sort of a parting gift from Team Meat as they close out the books on the Super Meat Boy saga; Team Meat has noted that follow the release of the editor and the planned update for it coming in a few weeks, they will be moving on to their next project and that it will not be Super Meat Boy 2.

The opportunities provided by the editing suite for the game is noted as being “nearly endless”. Players have the ability to not only create individual levels, but full chapters with custom titles and music as well as setting the various benchmark times for them. All of the levels created can then be published through the full version of the game to the rest of the SUper Meat Boy community. Team Meat will also be monitoring the levels created by the community and promoting the best through the game.

Interested gamers can download the editor now through the tools tab of the Steam download client. User made levels are accessibly through the in game portal which appears on the game’s world map after completing 2 chapters of the game or collecting 20 bandages.