Now you can get even more ME3 pre-order bonuses without pre-ordering the game.

by: Nathaniel -
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What do you have to pre-order and what do you get, you ask?  Well, if you pre-order The Art of The Mass Effect Universe, you'll get none other than a Collector's rifle.  You know just like you got with a certain pre-order in Mass Effect 2.  Does anyone else get the feeling that EA, if they are indeed the party responsible for the increasingly crazy amount of pre-order DLC related to Mass Effect 3, is just making **** up, and/or trying to see how far they can go before the public calls them on their bull****?  Although, in all honesty, action figures and art books are far less annoying DLC sources than bottles of Dr. Pepper.  I'd even be inclined to buy some of the action figures if they weren't so freaking awful.  Commander Shepard looks much more like a Republic Clone trooper from Cartoon Network's animated Clone Wars series than he resembles his appearance in either game.  The art book, on the other hand, looks pretty sweet.  I already own several Star Wars-themed "Art of" books, but am I going to pre-order it for one ugly rifle?  No.  

Mass Effect 3 comes out on March 6. 


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