Now that’s a remake: Burgertime HD

by: Jeremy -
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Monkeypaw Games is getting closer to launching its first multiplatform title for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii in the form of Burgertime HD. The new game is an update to Data East’s classic 1982 arcade game.

The original Burgertime still ranks as one of my all time favorite games and I can still spend hours playing it today without getting bored. The new version of the game, which was shown off at last week’s GDC in San Francisco, looks to have all of the same charm of the original with a more modern look. Burgertime HD plays just like the first; as Chef Peter Pepper, players must traverse the gaming environment and assemble large hamburgers by knocking them down the levels of the gameplay screen. While players run between the various levels and pieces of the sandwich, they must avoid other foods seeking to stop them in their path such as carrots, peppers, and eggs.

I love the new look of the game; the stages are much larger and the action is more frantic than the original. The new version supports up to 4-players in what appears to be frantic and exciting multiplayer gameplay. Other new features being added to the game include a wider variety of enemies, the ability to jump, and rocket packs that help characters maneuver around the stage when collected. Count me in:

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