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Neverwinter is probably the highest-profile free-to-play MMO out this year, and we're convinced it's worth every penny. Now that horror is crawling out of a rut of Slenderman games, Outlast is even scaring Amnesia fans, just in time for Friday the 13th. And Awesomenauts, the "Saturday morning battle arena" platformer, is still sitting free in your Steam library until 1 p.m. this Sunday.

Anticipation has reached fever pitch for next week's Grand Theft Auto V. But what are you playing this weekend?

Russell Archey | staff writer | Twitter @neoscyther
I'll be out of town this weekend and won't be taking my laptop with me, so I'll be going portable with Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl in preparation for my review.

Sean Cahill | staff writer | Twitter @seancahill2
Yeah, you can say goodbye to me for a couple of weeks. FIFA 14 review time.

Sean Colleli | staff writer
This is a busy, busy week for me. I'm well into The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD for my review. I'm also jumping into Darkout, which is essentially Terraria if it was also sci-fi survival horror. I might also revisit Toki Tori 2 to get ready for my review of that.

Travis Huinker | staff writer | Twitter @travishuinker
I'm still playing through a campaign of Total War: Rome II as a barbarian faction. Unfortunately, the game launched with an array of gameplay and performance issues which I'm hoping are fixed soon by developer Creative Assembly's promised patches. Other than that, I'm counting down the days until next Tuesday for the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, which is hands down my favorite series of games.

Randy Kalista | staff writer | Twitter @randykalista
Confession time: The Walking Dead was my second-favorite game of 2012 ... even though I never finished it. The final episode sits right there on my hard drive. It's, like, right there. Might have something to do with ending things on my own terms -- and I could tell things weren't going to end well. But you know what? I've been drinking milk. And one day, I'll be big and strong and able to withstand The Walking Dead's intentions of turning me into an emotional punching bag.

Jeff Kintner | staff writer
I pre-ordered Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs -- but I have to wait for developer Frictional's patch to even play the damn thing. Wah-wah. While I'm stuck waiting for that, I've been getting really into Papers, Please -- which probably has the most compelling interactive story I've come across in a long, long time.

Matt Mirkovich | staff writer | Twitter @stillmywords
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is working just fine now after the launch hiccups, so I'll be trying to play that as much as I can before GTA V next week. I'll also be attending a Skullgirls tournament at Super Arcade this Saturday, where my scrubby Squigly skills will hopefully get me one victory.

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