Now Loading for the week of April 1, 2013: Exit, Stage Right Edition

by: Jeremy -
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Now that we have made it through March, it is time for things to slow down a bit. April is pulling back the reigns on the release-carriage and slowing things to a crawl. This week only sees a couple of new titles and next week’s is almost completely bare. That doesn’t mean that there still aren’t titles worth checking out. This week brings two in particular that should definitely be on your radar:

BattleBlock Theater: The new platformer from the Behemoth is finally being released after being teased for what seemed like an eternity! The new game is both a cooperative and a competitive platformer with an insanely twisted sense of humor. After making your own, original characters,you’ll partake in a variety of challenges which are staged as performances in a deadly theater. The best part is that  you will be able to craft your own levels to extend the experience using the in-game level editor.

Defiance: A new franchise from the minds at Trion Worlds, Defiance is a science fiction-based, persistent MMO / third person shooter. The game ties into the upcoming Syfy series which debuts on cable on April 15. Set in the San Francisco Bay area in the future, after a major terraforming event, the game sets players off in a world to reclaim their devastated Earth. The catastrophic event that altered the world as we know it gave birth to a variety of new species on our beloved planet and set the stage for numerous Alien races to make an attempt to claim our then-troubled planet. There is definitely a ton of potential here and one that I definitely look forward to checking out.

The fill lineup for this week includes:

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