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Now Loading for the week of 3/7/2011: 7th Inning Stretch Edition

by: Jeremy -
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I am going to take the optimistic approach here and assume that the release of the various MLB titles is an indication that Spring is here. I know it isn’t officially here, but lets look at this in a positive manner. The name of the game(s) this week is Major League Baseball and Pokemon. Technically speaking, the Pokemon games released yesterday, but I neglected to mention them last week so they are being included on this week’s listing.

Let us know what, if anything, you are picking up in the comments below.

  • Pokemon Black Version for Nintendo DS: How many Pokemon games are there now? This week’s release of Black (and White) brings the latest game(s) which have been tearing up the Japanese sales charts since last September. The two versions introduce 156 new Pokemon to the series but you can only “catch them all” by accessing both games.
  • Pokemon White Version for Nintendo DS: <see above>
  • Heavy Fire- Black Arms for Nintendo WiiWare: The sequel to Treyon’s WiiWare shooter from last year aims to scratch the itch of your trigger finger. The new game features a campaign set in South America with varying weather effects and improvement quick-time events. The game costs 500 Wii points.
  • Soccer Bashi for Nintendo WiiWare: Experience soccer of the future by destroying the defender blocks and smash the ball into the goal to win. Make sure to watch for the enemy defenders out to destroy you. The game also features a built-in game editor which offers unlimited level design possibilities. The game costs 500 Wii points and a demo version is available.
  • Bomberman Hero for Nintendo Virtual Console: The Nintendo64 classic is back as everyone’s favorite Bomberman heads off on his own adventure. The game spans across five different planets features a variety of “new" items to spice up the adventure from the usual Bomberman-affair. The game costs 1,000 Wii points.
  • G.G. Series HORIZONTAL BAR for Nintendo DSiWare: This is a new action game that will have you swinging and jumping from bar to bar, timing of your jumps just right to cross the course in the fastest time possible. The game costs 200 Nintendo DSi points.
  • GO Series EARTH SAVER: Do you have what it takes to save the Earth from a giant meteorite headed towards it, which will surely wipe out every living thing on the planet? Players will use explosives to break away pieces of the giant rock before it destroys humanity. The game costs 500 Nintendo DSi points.
  • Jellycar 2 for Nintendo DSiWare: The platform driving game that became popular on mobile platforms is back on the DSi in an all new game. The new game features three different gameplay modes to keep players coming back for more. The game costs 500 Nintendo DSi points.

  • MLB 11- The Show for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable: Sony is once again setting its sights on owning the crown for the best baseball-gaming experience with this year’s edition of The Show. This year’s game features an all new, pure analog control system and cooperative multiplayer for both online and off... not to mention stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move support for the Home Run Derby mode of the game... this looks like THE baseball package to get this week.
  • Dragon Age 2 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3: BioWare’s medieval epic continues as players assume the role of a refugee named Hawke and experience his rise to power. The new story stretches a span of ten years and will forever alter the world of Dragon Age.
  • Major League Baseball 2K11 for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation Portable: 2K isn’t ready to give up on the MLB license yet and this year’s edition of the game brings a slew of improvements aiming to take the game to the top. You can expect an improved fielding system, realistic player modeling, and an expansive My Player mode, aimed at taking your own custom superstar from the Minor Leagues to the top of the professional league.
  • Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle for PlayStation Portable: NIS brings portable gamers a turn-based strategy RPG with deep character customization options and free roaming gameplay.
  • Torchlight for Xbox Live Arcade: Finally, Runic’s action-RPG hits the console seen as Torchlight makes its way to the XBLA. The new version of the game brings everything that fans loved in the PC version of the game as well as a slew of improvements including new missions, more armor and weapons, and more. I wonder if it will play better on a controller than it did on the keyboard and mouse?