Now Loading for the week of 2/28/2011: The Haymaker Edition

by: Jeremy -
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It looks as if we are going to get a little bit of breathing room this week and rightfully so after last week’s massive list of new releases. Keep an eye out for these new titles this week:

  • Fight Night Champion for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3: EA’s blockbuster boxing series is back with an all new story-based campaign mode and a revamped control system. Early reviews have been positive...
  • PixelJunk Shooter 2 for PlayStation Network: The follow up to Q-Games shooter finally makes its way to the PSN with more liquid manipulation than ever before.
  • Rift- Planes of Telara for PC: Trion Worlds is aiming high with their new MMORPG which could be the best non-WoW MMO we have seen in the market yet. 
  • Vagrant Story for PlayStation Network: Arguably one of SquareSoft’s most popular titles from the original PlayStation finally gets a PSOne retro release.
  • Beyond Good & Evil HD for Xbox Live Arcade: It’s back and its beautiful. Hopefully Ubisoft’s grand adventure will get a little more love from consumers this time around than it did last time. 

See anything good?
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