Now Loading for the week of 2/21/2011: “Take your pick” Edition

by: Jeremy -
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Talk about kicking things into high gear… there are a ton of releases this week. Regardless of your gaming preference, there is surely something in this pack that will appeal to you. Shooter fans in particular should be pretty happy with both Epic and Sony’s big titles hitting this week. Take a look and as always, let us know if you are picking anything up in the comments below…

  • Alien Breed 3: Descent for PlayStation Network: Team17’s final offering in the Alien Breed remake-trilogy finally lands on Sony’s console… many months after it saw release on other systems.
  • Bulletstorm for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC: Guns, bad language, immature humor… need I say more? I know what I am picking up this week…
  • De Blob 2 for Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3: This title alone proves what a third party title with heart on the Wii can turn into; the first game was and is one of the best offerings on Nintendo’s platform to date and the reviews for the sequel seem to be top notch for all of the platforms this time around. You can expect chuck’s review of the 360 version this week here on the site.
  • Dreamcast Collection for Xbox 360: Take a stroll down memory lane with four of the biggest titles ever released on Sega’s classic Dreamcast console. Who doesn’t love Space Channel 5 part 2? Now if we could just get an official Sega fishing controller for the 360 the package would be incredible.
  • Killzone 3 for PlayStation 3: Sony’s hit FPS series looks better than ever in the third installment. As long as the controls are tighter than they were in 2, which they appear to be judging by the demo versions that I have played, I could see myself getting into Killzone 3.
  • Knights Contract for Xbox 360and PlayStation 3: Namco Bandai wants a piece of the recent action game craze with an original entry for both HD consoles. I just hope that the escort style gameplay doesn’t turn into an 8-hour escort mission that you regret, though Gretchen seems like she can hold her own. 
  • PlayStation Move Sharpshooter peripheral for Playstation 3: If you are picking up Killzone 3 and you own the PlayStation Move, why not play in style? Sony’s plastic casing for the motion-based peripheral looks incredibly well designed and could make for an awesome FPS experience. 
  • Radiant Historia for Nintendo DS: Is it me or is the Nintendo DS THE system for RPG’s? Atlus new offering adds a unique twist to the genre by allowing players to “warp” back to key points in the story and possibly change the course of their game… if only life were that easy.
  • Space Ace for PlayStation Network: If old-school is your thing, how much more “old-school” can you get than a classic laserdisc based game? Let’s just hope that the game holds up well 27 years after it’s initial arcade release.
  • Trackmania: Build to Race for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS: It may have taken a while but Trackmania is finally laying its tracks on both of Nintendo’s systems this week. Considering the install base of the console and quality that the series is known for, this could be a smash hit.

  • Bejeweled Blitz LIVE for Xbox Live Arcade: PopCap knows how to milk a series, and I mean that in a positive manner. The Bejeweled series has hit nearly every conceivable platform and somehow PopCap still finds a way to freshen up the formula with subsequent releases.

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