Now Loading for the week of 1/31/2011: The "I Got Nuthin'" Edition

by: Jeremy -
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My oh my, what a difference a week makes. After two consecutive weeks of major new releases the “flow” almost comes to a complete stop this week. The biggest release this week is a downloadable sequel from Capcom but you can bet things are going to pick up next week for a wild February... just hold on for another week. I am sure you have plenty to play right now anyways...

  • Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade (2/2/11)- Developer Fat Shark takes on one of Capcom’s classic IP’s with a new downloadable entry in the Bionic Commando series. Watch out every, Spencer can now JUMP.
  • Kevin Van Dam Fishing for PlayStation 3- It’s fishing. It features pro angler Kevin Van Dam. Need I say more? </sarcasm>
  • Undergarden, The for PlayStation Network- “Puzzle exploration” is the name of the game in Vitamin-G’s latest title. The game will require players to explore underground caverns and solve numerous physics-based puzzles and unearth numerous hidden secrets with a friend (locally) or by their selves. Cyril reviewed the Xbox Live Arcade version back in Novermber.
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