Now Loading for the Week of 3/27/2011: Glasses-free Edition

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Welcome to the week of the Nintendo 3DS! This is it, Nintendo's new handheld is finally here after launching into retailers yesterday, hence the change in the Now Loading week listing which will now start on Sunday. I also figure that there really isn't a need to give the details on a listed game considering all of our various coverage for the listed titles is linked with each game. I want to make this as quick and easy but informational as possible.

This is definitely Nintendo's week as all eyes in the industry are squarely on them and their new handheld launch. A couple of other big titles are hitting shelves as well for the other platforms including WWE All Star (review will be up tomorrow), SHIFT 2, and Tiger 12. There are two titles I have my eyes on this week: Moon Diver for PSN and WWE All Stars.

Surely there is something in the listing that you will be picking up this week... let us know in the comments below:

3/27/2011 3/28/2011
  • Dart Rage for Nintendo WiiWare (600 Wii points, demo version available)
  • Faceez- Monsters! for Nintendo DSiWare (200 DSi points)
  • Learning with the PooYoos- Episode 2 for Nintendo Wiiware (500 Wii points, demo version available)
  • Simply Solitaire for Nintendo DSiWare (200 DSi points)
3/29/2011 3/30/2011
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