Not the reboot we've been asking for, but the reboot we deserve.

by: Jeff -
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If you were alive in the late 90s, you probably remember the slew of poorly thought-out movies and videogames that only existed to cash in on a celebrity's name. The most notorious of all of these thinly-veiled vanity projects is Shaq-Fu. A game so bad, that a website was made that is dedicated to destroying every copy of Shaq-Fu in existence.

But for some reason, in his infinite wisdom, Shaq has decided to revisit the past. He's banded together a group of industry professionals that worked on games HaloStreet Fighter, Final Fantasy and many more to make Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn. I can only imagine the title came from the devs on the team that previously worked on Final Fantasy.

Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn is currently trying to get funded for $450,000 via an indiegogo campaign. If you've ever wanted to shoot hoops with Shaq, have him record your voicemail for you, or wanted him follow you on Instagram, now's your chance.

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