Not so ZEN Pinball coming to PSN

by: Randy -
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ZEN Pinball"The PlayStation Network has a wide variety of great game offerings but it's lacking a classic arcade pinball game like ZEN Pinball," said Zsolt Kigyossy, Managing Director for ZEN Studios (developers of the Pinball FX franchise).

But don't let the philosophically-alluding title misconstrue your perceptions of what ZEN Pinball aims to be.  This isn't about attaining awakening.  It's about fast-paced arcade-style pinball, out and out.  And it's coming this spring exclusively to PSN.  All-time and weekly scoreboards will ensure that your meditation will be focused on stomping the player with the next highest score.  Features like Score Speed, Best One Minute, and Multiplayer Ranking scoreboards will ensure your desire to stop a Buddha-shaped mudhole into people's foreheads from around the globe.

ZEN Pinball's key features include four tables -- V12, Tesla, Shaman, and El Dorado (none of those tables sound Zen-influenced) -- local, online, and worldwide tournament competitions (via multiplayer), a Realistic Operators menu for tweakers, and the promise of new downloadable tables to come.
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