Not a ruse: RUSE demos coming soon

by: Jeremy -
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According to a Tweet from the developer, Ubisoft, demo versions of the tactical RTS RUSE will be released shortly. While we know that such demos are currently inbound, it is unknown exactly which platforms will be receiving them and when.

It would probably be safe to assume that a demo for RUSE would see release on the PC, 360, and PS3, since each platform is receiving a release of Ubisoft’s new RTS title. The title has undergone a couple of public beta tests through Valve’s Steam service throughout the early part of this year and the title looks to be (finally) headed for its full release. The exact statement posted on the company’s Twitter account read as follows:

“We’re really excited to announce that demos of RUSE will be available soon. Stay tuned!”

Hopefully Ubisoft will announce more solid information later this week...
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