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Indie developers surely make the world turn.  They aren't pressured by investors for the bottom line and thus have opportunities to defy the norm.  That's why I like Cliff Harris (Positech Games).  He says what he wants and he tries new things.

Take Gratuitous Space Battles, for example.  The most recent expansion called the Nomads is available for two prices: $5.99 and $2.99.  You can pay $2.99 if you think you deserve a discount.  That's it.  It's up to each individual to decide if he deserves a discount.  I like it.  Read more here (as well as purchasing the expansion if you want) and check out a new trailer he recently posted.

I'm happy as ever to announce the release of some new DLC for Gratuitous Space Battles, the indie space strategy RTS/Tower Defense hybrid. The new DLC comes with an innovative new pricing option (more on that below...)
The Nomads are the latest new race for GSB. The Nomads are the oldest species in the universe. They are happily occupied travelling from galaxy A to B, as they have been for fifty million years now. On their way, they have decided to blow a few of these new fangled species to bits as part of their own in-flight entertainment. Over the millenia, the Nomads have acquired components from all sorts of lesser species, and integrated them into their ship design.

Aesthetically, the nomads are timeless, evoking the spirit of the future that is always tantalisingly out of reach. This new new DLC adds them as a new playable race, with new ship designs, and some new nomad-only modules that give them subtle advantages in specific cases.
Currently, the only place to get the nomads DLC is direct from Positech Games (That's me, basically).

I'm trying a bit of a cheeky pricing experiment for the Nomads. Basically the price is $5.99, but you can get it for a discount down to $2.99, if you think you deserve a discount. As to whether or not you are deserving of the discount, thats between you, your conscience, and any spiritual beings you may choose to believe in. There are more details here:

And details on the main game are (predictably enough) at

With screenshots to further illustrate the nomadic grooviness.

And even more groovy video:


Gratuitous Space Battles is an indie space strategy game developed by one workaholic cat-loving lightsaber-wielding outspoken ranty Englishman from deepest rural UK. The game has been expanded and improved a million times since release (ok, 47 times) and a campaign mode is currently in development. Cliff Harris is the guy famous for talking to pirates, getting into arguments on forums, and recently getting into an argument about indie marketing with epic. The opinions of cliff harris are entirely the opinions of positech games, as they are the same flipping thing. so there. With knobs on. Etc.
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