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Halo ActionClix, the collectible miniature game from WizKids (eat your heart out, Warhammer), is counting down to its September 19th release, and this week they're introducing The Flood.  I personally don't know why anyone would want to replay -- in any iteration -- through what was probably six of the most harrowing hours in video game history, but I'll leave those people to their own devices.  Look inside for a sneak peak at The Flood.

Halo ActionClix Launch Countdown
Week 2: The Flood

Continuing our countdown to the September 19th release of the Halo ActionClix collectible miniature game from WizKids, this week we’ll be focusing on figures from one of the most terrifying organisms in the Halo universe: The Flood!
Carrier Form

The Flood’s Carrier Form serves as the primary method of spreading the Flood parasite to other species. In Halo ActionClix, the uncanny speed of the Carrier will be their most notable trait, allowing them to move and attack at will.
Infection Form

Infection Forms are released like spores by carriers and are the actual agent by which other organisms are infected by the Flood. The Halo ActionClix version of the Infection Form will share many traits of the Carrier form, including its speed.
Combat Form

The Combat Form is the result of actual Flood infection in an individual. Their gruesome appearance reflects the mutation process that results once the parasite completely takes over an organism.  Halo ActionClix will include Flood-infected versions of both Covenant Elites as well as Human Marines. They will retain some of their original abilities, such as using guns in the Marine’s case. They will also acquire new abilities, including a bonus to close combat, reflecting their whip-like tentacles!    
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