No, Valve is not spying on you using VAC

by: John -
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There's been some rumors going around that Valve Software and their anti-cheat system, VAC, is used to monitor where you browse. Before things got out of hand, Gabe Newell went to set the record straight.

Making a post on reddit, Gabe talked about VAC and goes a little bit into detail on how it works. It's actually an interested read on the cat and mouse game they play with those that create the cheats. He also goes into details on the various types of mechanisms for these cheats to work and how some feature DRM to make sure that those using it paid for it.

In the end, no Valve is not sending your browser history to them via Steam and VAC and no they don't care what websites you visit. Some of the cheat creators or trying to spread a bad light on VAC to make you distrust the software that's used to make sure people are playing on even ground. 

So stop worrying about VAC. Enjoy the games on Steam and browse to whatever website you would like with it on.

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