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This holiday season's Tickle Me Elmo could very well come out of the Namco Bandai camp ... if you have a penchant for incredibly frightening Tickle Me Elmos.  This little stuffed beast, known as the Tokunaga from Tales of the Abyss, has a removable head (that it can exchange with four other characters from TEKKEN, Tales of Symphonia, Xenosaga, and Katamari Damacy).  If you have a nephew or niece that you need to emotionally scar this Christmas, look no further than Namco Bandai.



Namco born and Bandai bred makes a killer combo as Tales of the Abyss’ adorable puppet/weapon, Tokunaga, is now available as a collectible toy in a promotion on the game’s official site



SANTA CLARA, Calif., (October 30, 2006) – In one of the cutest examples of what is possible with the combination of Namco’s IP and Bandai’s toy know-how, leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. has teamed up with toy manufacturer Bandai Hong Kong to bring a one-of-a-kind stuffed toy collectible of Tokunaga to life. The adorable stuffed puppet/powerful weapon from NAMCO BANDAI Games’ newest epic role-playing game, Tales of the Abyss, is now available to win in a contest or to get free (Tokunaga fans pay only shipping and handling, while supplies last) on the official Tales of the Abyss site at


Tales’ fans should act now in order to get their hands on a collectible Tokunaga by visiting the official Tales of the Abyss site at There, they can enter for a chance to win a complete set which includes: Tokunaga’s head and body plus 4 other interchangeable heads from well known NAMCO BAMDAI Games’ lineup including TEKKEN®’s Heihachi, Tales of Symphonia’s Presea, Xenosaga®’s KOS-MOS and Katamari Damacy’s Prince.  Or for those that don’t want to risk the chance of not winning, there is an option that allows fans to get their very own Tokunaga for free (by paying only shipping and handling). This cute, cuddly, and collectible item is available in the United States only and in very limited quantities and is not available in Pennsylvania, Maine and Ohio.  More information is available on the Tales of the Abyss official site at

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