No flight delays for Lara Croft

by: Chuck -
More On: Tomb Raider Legend
Despite what you may have heard, Tomb Raider: Legend will be shipping on time next week according to the folks at Firing Squad who actually did the whole "Fact checking" and "investigation" thing that seems to be such anathema to other gaming "news" sites.  The quick and dirty version is that there's a female skin with a nipple somewhere the the code base of the European version of the game.  A crappy rumor site then inferred that the US version of the game would have to delayed in order to remove the skin to avoid a re-run of the hot-coffee thing from last summer.  Of course they didn't bother following up with Eidos and ran the story as is.  And people wonder why gaming sites have such a crap reputation.

Thanks to Blues News for the linkage.
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