No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise bumped in Japan

by: Jeremy -
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As we reported early in February, the HD port of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was going to miss it's 2/25/10 release date over in Japan. Instead of getting their hands on the game on that day, the only thing that gamers got was a new trailer and a "firm" release date. According to Marvelous, the company behind the game, both version are now set to release simultaneously on April 15, 2010.

No More Heros: Heroes' Paradise is a high definition port of the now classic Nintendo Wii original. The game will boast improved visuals, additional modes and content, and unfortunately lose the motion control scheme(s) that charmed the original. Marvelous is keeping extremely quiet regarding a possible western release of the game, but considering the success that the original game garnered, it would be crazy for them not to. While we await an official word on whether we will even be getting the game or not, you can check out the latest official trailer below:

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