Nintendo's Response to the Massive PSP Launch

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Nintendo has responded to the impressive launch of the Sony PSP by touting the DS's touch screen, as a fingerpainting device.

That's right, instead of highlighting the innovative possibilities of the touch screen, Nintendo has chosen to shed light upon the random scribblings of some hardened fan boys. I hate to tell Nintendo this, but the Palm OS has been capable of this for the better part of a decade. It'll be interesting to see how Nintendo responds after Sony releases its initial sale figures. Either way, this can't bode well for Nintendo fanboys.

Check out all of the awesome artwork here.
Did You Know?

Nintendo DS Fans Use Touch Screen to Create Pocket Picassos

The touch screen of Nintendo DS(TM) has created a legion of pocket Picassos. Around the world, artistic Nintendo DS owners have contributed to image galleries that capture the temporary art they created using the system's built-in PictoChat(TM) chatting and drawing program. PictoChat was designed to send wireless messages between Nintendo DS owners, but users are turning the touch-screen into a high-tech canvas.

Some of the images show simple scenes, while others depict video game and comic book characters in great detail. A variety of galleries can be seen at online fan sites like or in the discussion boards of

"The creativity shown by these artists illustrates the innovation and new thinking Nintendo DS was designed to inspire," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "Nintendo DS fires the imagination with its dual screens -- a touch screen to create the art and a second to display it."

Nintendo DS, which launched in North America on Nov. 21, 2004, is on target to ship 6 million systems worldwide by the end of March.

PictoChat creations can be viewed at:

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