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Nintendo’s Style Savvy is making a sneak preview appearance at Fashion Week

by: Tina -
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New York’s Fashion Week is getting a touch of the gaming world this Friday in conjunction with Charlotte Ronson’s new spring 2010 line. If you’re in New York and planning on attending the show, you can expect some previews of Nintendo’s upcoming game for the DS and DSi, Style Savvy, at the runway show’s after-party.

If you haven’t heard of the game as of yet, it is a fashion-centered one in which the gamer can create their own clothing and fashion boutique. Fashion duties include helping customers assess a fashion style by creating compositions using 16 different brands, as well as partaking in runway shows and competitions. Playing wirelessly will allow you to shop at friends’ boutiques, join in on shows together, or compete against 3 other fashion designers (do I hear a walk-off?).

Sometime after its release this holiday season, players will also have access to some DLC containing Charlotte Ronson’s designs from her fall 2009 line. In conjunction with the focus on fashion, the Nintendo DSi system will be available in white and pink starting September 13th, which I assume to be an appeal to the female demographic to which this game is undoubtedly marketed.

Nintendo’s Style Savvy Hits the Fashion Week Runway with Charlotte Ronson

A unique partnership between Nintendo and acclaimed designer Charlotte Ronson is putting an interactive twist on this year’s Fashion Week festivities in New York. To celebrate the upcoming launch of Style Savvy™, the new fashion game for the Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo DSi™ hand-held systems, Ronson and Nintendo will give attendees a sneak preview of the game at the Sept. 11 runway show after-party for Ronson’s hotly anticipated spring 2010 line.

Style Savvy, which launches this holiday season, invites players to create a fashion-forward boutique, help customers in the game find their perfect style using 16 different brands and compete in glamorous runway contests. Using Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection and a broadband Internet connection, players can also connect wirelessly with friends to shop in their boutiques and join up for multiplayer runway shows.

“Style Savvy transforms some of my fashions from the real world into a portable fashion experience that players can take with them anywhere,” Ronson said. “Now everyone can explore their creative instincts and become a fashion stylist.”

Later in the year, Style Savvy players will be able to access Charlotte Ronson Designer Downloads. Players will be able to download items from her fall 2009 line directly into the game. It’s yet another way that Nintendo gives consumers the tools to completely customize their video game experiences.

Consumers have the option of playing Style Savvy on some new, fashionable hardware as well. Starting Sept. 13, the Nintendo DSi system will be available in White and Pink, in addition to the Blue and Black versions already on the market.