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Nintendo wants to give Gamestop a taste of their own medicine

by: Jeremy -
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Everyone always questions when the big game companies are going to take a stand against Gamestop and the used video game industry. It is an inevitable showdown that is coming one day or another, but when and how always seems to be the question. Most think that the stand will come when the companies develop consoles that will block used games; nobody ever thought about what might happen if they the console-makers decided to dip their toes into the used market. That is exactly what Nintendo appears to be doing, at least on the hardware side.

Nintendo has launched the “Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Products”program through their official website. The program allows gamers to purchase Nintendo hardware that has been factory refurbished with a one-year warranty, just like their new products. The current lineup on the site consists of 3DS and DSi systems and their prices are noticeably lower than Gamestop’s usual prices.