Nintendo unveils the 2DS and I actually want one

by: Jeremy -
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Nintendo has announced a version of their portable system with the Nintendo 2DS.The system, which will launch on October 12, 2013, is basically a 3DS without the 3D functionality. The 2DS is compatible with all Nintendo 3DS and DS software, just sans the 3 dimensional options, and will retail for $129.99. The system also resembles something more like a tablet device now than a clamshell-console.

I will admit, I have never bought into the 3DS as a system because the 3D imaging of the system really bothers my eyes. After trying numerous games with various 3D settings, I finally decided that if I ever owned one the feature would be turned off all of the time. Now that I have the option of basically buying the system for roughly $70 less than the 3DS price, it could very well be in my future. Santa just might need to bring one of these to my household this year... for my daughter of course!
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