Nintendo revisiting greatest Zelda of all time

by: Jeremy -
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In yesterday’s Ninteno Direct EU presentation the company announced a follow up to what many consider the greatest Zelda game of all time: A Link to the Past. The new game, which doesn’t have an official title yet, is set in the universe crafted by the famous SNES game. Exclusive to the 3DS, the new Zelda will make good use of the handheld’s 3D capabilities, along link to move between 2D and 3D worlds, similar to something like Sideway:New York.

The title is scheduled to launch this coming Holiday season and we’re sure to hear a lot more about the title come E3 in June. You can check out the first footage of the game below and see that it is definitely shaping up nicely. The game looks really nice in the top down perspective and I can imagine that the 2D transitions will be used heavily in the game’s puzzles. Maybe it is time that I consider buying a 3DS.
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