Nintendo at GDC: new Skyward Sword trailer

by: Jeremy -
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The 3DS isn’t the only thing Nintendo is working on right now; the company still considers the Wii to have some “gas left in the tank” and wants gamers to know that they aren’t giving up on the platform yet. To ensure Wii gamers that they weren’t forgotten, Nintendo has released a new trailer for the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword yesterday.

The trailer, shown below courtesy of Gametrailers, shows a wide variety of gameplay clips from the Japanese version of the game. Skyward Sword was finally revealed at E3 2010 following an announcement almost two years earlier. The game seems to have come a long way since the playable demo shown off last June. You can expect the title to be one of the major showcase at Nintendo’s E3 booth as they prepare for its release later this year.

Source: Ripten

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