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Although it hasn’t been announced in an official capacity, numerous sources have confirmed that Nintendo is in fact shutting down its long running magazine publication, Nintendo Power. The news came as Nintendo reportedly decided not to renew its licensing agreement with Future Publishing, the company who currently publishes the monthly digest. Nintendo made its debut way back in July of 1988, which makes it one of the longest running video game magazines in existence. Nintendo transitioned the magazine from a self published project to a third party publisher back in 2007, when it was also rumored to be shutting done.

The staff of the magazine was reportedly informed of the decision last week and rumors started making their way out to the public. The magazine’s senior editor Chris Hoffman sent out a few Tweets earlier this week confirming the news, but those have since been deleted. The news seems to be flooding the Internet today so it is likely that Nintendo will be forced to make an official statement relatively soon. As someone who subscribed to the magazine for many years during my youth, I am definitely saddened to see its run come to an end.

Goodbye Nintendo Power!

Source: ArsTechnica

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