Nintendo 3D-Uh Oh?

by: Dan -
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Nintendo issued a health warning late last week recommending that children six years of age and under do not use the 3D functionality that its new handheld (Nintendo 3DS) utilizes when it is released later this year. According to the Yahoo report, Nintendo was also quick to point out that not only were the 3D images on its new device potentially damaging to kids developing eyes, but also those 3D images in theaters and on TV. Apparently, Disney never spoke with the experts that Nintendo has.

While this obviously is a smart announcement on Nintendo’s part from a health perspective (and CYA perspective), the conspiracy theorist inside me also recognizes that this Nintendo announcement still keeps the other three (DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL) iterations of the DS system relevant with parents of young children looking to purchase their first handheld. Just saying….
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