Nightmare Batman and Wonder Woman in action in Infinite Crisis

by: John -
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Matt did a nice little write up of seeing Infinite Crisis at GDC. Now, we're getting a few videos coming out showing off the heroes in action.

First up we have Nightmare Batman. Unlike regular Batman, he's got wings and claws to allow for some good melee action. He'll have some gadgets he can use like his batarangs and he's a pretty stealthy character with the ability to turn invisible for a short period of time.

Wonder Woman's a tank class so she's able to do large melee damage as well as take a good deal amount of damage. When her health goes under 25%, she'll get a nice healing ability. The video also shows off some of her abilities to affect the team such as providing shields to nearby allies. Of course, you can see her using her lasso and bracelets in the video.
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