NiGHTS on Wii all but confirmed

by: Sean Colleli -
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Various gaming media outlets, including Kotaku, Joystiq, and PlayNintendo, are reporting on the much rumored NiGHTS into Dreams sequel on the Wii.  This is ridiculously good news for the Wii, as there's been in a nasty drought lately and enthusiasm is waning.

NiGHTS was the Sega Saturn's killer app, and is heralded as one of those awesome games that really needs a sequel, like Beyond Good and Evil, Grim Fandango and Kid Icarus.  The original source of this supposed confirmation was Portugese gaming mag Maxi Consolas.   They printed an interview with Takashi Iizuka, one of the original game's developers, as well as several pages of drool-worthy screenshots.  The new sequel, exclusive to Wii, is purported to have a wide array of new Wii remote moves, a two player mode and even some online support.  The nature of the Wii remote makes perfect sense for the acrobatic flight gameplay of NiGHTS, and Sega's close working relationship with Nintendo adds validity to the rumors.  The rabid, loyal fanbase of the Saturn classic are probably having coronaries right now, and I'm pretty excited too.  An exclusive NiGHTS sequel is a huge score for the Wii, and this news is just the thing to break this drought.

Expect confirmation from Sega in the next couple of weeks, but keep your fingers crossed and hope that this revelation isn't too good to be true.

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