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Nexon America is going to be at the Penny Arcade Expo this year and there not just bringing new games and booth models but some very gaming gear. Nexon's booth (No. 122) will have two new titles Dungeon Fighter Online and Dragon Nest for sale, booth models cost extra. There will also be a daily contest giveaway which include prizes like the new Alienware TactX brand keyboard and mouse or Dungeon Fighter Online merchandise. I'm assuming the merchandise in question is real world swag and not in game doo dads for Dungeon Fighter Online. Stop by the booth from 11am and 4 pm to listen to one of the game presentations conducted by the hosts from COIN-OP TV LIVE and you can get a free T-Shirt and enter in one of the contests.
Nexon America Celebrates Gamers at PAX

Nexon will giveaway new Alienware® TactX™ brand keyboard and mouse, as
well as Dungeon Fighter Online T-shirts and merchandise

Nexon America’s participation at Penny Arcade Expo, in Seattle, Wash.,
next week will include new games, booth models and contest giveaways
to help show the gamers in attendance how much fun there is to be
found at

Gamers can get their hands on two new titles, Dungeon Fighter Online
and Dragon Nest, when they stop by Nexon’s booth (No. 122). Players
will also get a chance to check out the recently-launched Quarantine
Mode in Combat Arms. Nexon will also be conducting daily giveaways,
including a chance for gamers to win the new Alienware TactX™ brand
keyboard and mouse and Dungeon Fighter Online merchandise.

Nexon America will also have daily game presentations at 11 a.m. and 4
p.m. and will offer free T-shirts at the end of each presentation. The
presentations will be conducted by Robert Welkner and Hailey Bright,
the hosts of the popular weekly, gaming talk show, COIN-OP TV LIVE.
Welkner and Bright will share details on Dungeon Fighter Online,
giving gamers a first look at this new title, which pairs arcade
action with the depth and customization features found in online
role-playing games.

Additionally, Min Kim, the man who brought MapleStory to North
America, will be sharing That Arcade Feeling, with PAX attendees at
1:30 p.m. on Saturday in the Wolfman Theatre. Kim will share details
on how Nexon embraced traditional arcade-style gaming in its newest
MMORPG title, Dungeon Fighter Online.

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