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News Roundup audio edition: It makes you feel like rainbows, unicorns and communism

by: Nathan -
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Please, before you listen to the podcast you need to watch this video and this video. Our descriptions are woefully inadequate in describing just how awesome they are. Rest assured though, it's not just about awesome videos. This Roundup Sean and I will be discussing the re-re-re-return of Duke Nukem Forever, the "new" Xbox 360 controller, and the potential second character for Arkham City.

Featured articles:
A game that's come back from the dead under new management
The erect D-pad, more impressive than it sounds
The true purpose of videogame development
Batman teams up with Bat-mite in his launch video
Co-op for Batman: Arkham City? you butter believe it

This week's featured outro is Statics and Dynamics by TREYFREY

If you see any news stories you think are Rounup Worthy make sure you leave a comment so we'll know!